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TGpro New Energy Energy Storage Expo wraps up in Thailand, reviewing the highlights!


From July 3 to 5, 2024,TGpro New Energy’s energy storage exhibition at ASEW New Energy Expo in Bangkok, Thailand, ended successfully.

During the exhibition, TGpro New Energy closely focused on the diversified needs of customers, focusing on the display of new products such as all-in-one, wall-mounted batteries and off-grid inverters. The sales team and R&D staff had an in-depth communication with global exhibitors and elaborated the unique advantages of the products. Among them, the IP65 waterproof rating of the products aroused great interest from exhibitors, which enables the products to operate stably in outdoor or humid environments and meet a wider range of application needs.

The exhibitors highly appreciated our product performance and explanation service attitude, and said that our products not only have excellent performance, but also have a humanized design, which is very suitable for the market demand.

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