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Tuojia provides 6 different series of energy storage solutions to meet your needs.

TG-power Box-EU series

TG-Power Box-US series

TG-battery wall series

TG-Box 48 51.2V series 1

TG-Box HV(high pressure)series

TG-Box LV(low pressure)series

About TG
  • 5year+

    Stable, safe and trouble-free operation of the system
  • 30+

    R&D staff
  • 3GW+

    Energy storage battery system installed capacity
  • 100000sets+

    Cumulative shipments
  • 100+

    Global business
  • more efficient

    High volume energy ratio, reducing space occupation;
    High mass-energy ratio, saving load-bearing requirements;
    High energy conversion efficiency, saving energy consumption;

    easier to use

    Special structure design, easy installation;
    Strong temperature adaptability, no need to configure air conditioner separately;
    The battery supports the communication function, and the energy storage system is maintenance-free;

    more secure

    The cycle life of the group reaches 3000 times;
    Float charge service life of up to 10 years;
    Not afraid of high temperature and low temperature impact;

    company environment

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    Covers an area of more than 7,000 square meters

    Is a professional energy storage system solution provider, a new energy technology company integrating R&D, production and sales of lithium battery PACK


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    Tuojia system operation diagram

    Mornings and nights are peak electricity consumption periods. The TGpro energy storage system cleverly borrows solar energy and operates 24 hours a day, minimizing waste and pollution.

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